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I made this game for a certain kind of person, to delight them.

Infinite Ritual is a musical bullet hell game currently in development. It's inspired by games like Everyday Shooter and Kamilia 3. I made this game to push my limits as a player, so it's rather hard, but I hope that it's fun. The current build includes one level with music by Milana Zilnik. The distribution also contains some unused art and music tucked away somewhere.

This is a very early build. It isn't optimized, and might not run on your computer at all! Only the windows version has been tested, and only on Windows 7. Good luck!

Press "a" or move into the test boss portal to begin. During a level, press "i" to turn on invulnerability. Move with the arrow keys, use "x" to slow down, and press space to activate a teleport marker, release space to jump to the marker. "f" will fast-forward, which may cause desync. "k" will skip the boss altogether. Other buttons might do other even less useful things.

Install instructions

You should be able to just unzip this and run the executable infinite-ritual. At least, I hope that works.


infinite-ritual-0.0.0-linux-x64.zip 213 MB
infinite-ritual-0.0.0-mac-x64.zip 217 MB
infinite-ritual-0.0.0-win-x64.zip 212 MB

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